Quick guide: what to look for in a business membership

Quick guide: what to look for in a business membership

It’s no secret that running your own business can be lonely. There’s no colleague to banter with, no Friday lunch and no birthday cake to share. That’s why, since diving head-first into my own business, I joined business memberships.

Within these groups, I’ve found people who encourage, cheer, offer advice and lift each other up. They’re good people, my kind of people.

If you’re thinking about joining a business membership, here’s what to look for:


With so many business memberships available, it’s best to join ones that are most relevant to you. For example, a membership with people in a similar line of work or share similar interests. Think community over competition. That’s why I chose to join She Will Shine (women in business) and The Clever Copywriting School (copywriters).


Does the person running the membership make themselves available to their group? Or is it all love in the prospecting stage, but once you ‘buy’ you’re abandoned? Sus this out by asking around and join their free Facebook group. You’ll get a feel for how often they go live, post and engage with their audience. This should give you a good idea how they’ll operate in their paid membership groups.


How does the membership offer you and your business exposure?

At the least, you should be able to list your business on their website membership directory.

She Will Shine members can submit blog posts, take part in the podcast, present at the Monthly Meetup and speak at events. Regular social media posts celebrate members’ success and highlight member collaborations.

The Clever Copywriting School members are encouraged to submit blog posts, volunteer for copy reviews, present Masterclasses and other training. There’s opportunity to become an ambassador and feature in social media posts.

All this exposure is a great way for other members to learn about you and your business. And while referrals and winning business from other members shouldn’t be your main reason to join, this may be an unexpected bonus.


How does the membership build its community? Establishing rapport between members is a vital for memberships to thrive. And once you have a few buddies in the group, you might feel more at home, rather than the ‘newbie-no-mates.’

Well-monitored member-only Facebook groups are a great way to build a community. Think: Friday wins, posing questions in the group, a call out for help, opportunity for members to go live etc.

In person events are another fab way to connect with other members. This might be informal dinners, events or training sessions. Both She Will Shine and The Clever Copywriting School encourage local informal meet-ups either in person or online Pomodoro sessions. A buddy system / coffee chat are also great too.


What bits and bobs will your membership give you access to? There may be templates, previous masterclass recordings, member-only training, discounts to resources and courses or early-bird course access. Welcome packs from She Will Shine and The Clever Copywriting School were a pleasant surprise.

Joining business memberships has been a game changer for me. She Will Shine and The Clever Copywriting School open up for new members throughout the year. Keep an eye out! What memberships are you part of, or thinking about joining? Let me know in the comments.

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